Online Brigade Manager will totally transform the way we work and take all the hassle out of administration, making record keeping and communication so much easier.
Adam, 1st Annaghmore
I believe OBM represents a significant step forward in managing Company activities. It will allow the streamlining of communications and facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources.
Lindsay, 1st Kirkliston
OBM is very easy to use and will do so much to simplify our Company administration so we will be able to focus more time on delivering an exciting programme of activities to our young people rather than dealing with a variety of spreadsheets and pieces of paper!
Tom, 3rd Enfield
Having spent numerous hours previously trying to devise efficient systems that kept records up to date for our young people, OBM is a life saver.
Chris, 1st Waterlooville
At the beginning of the session I found myself spending a huge amount of time sorting through subs letters, trip & activity reply slips and money, that I finally decided to give OBM a proper try. We now use OBM to manage payments, organise trip and activities, send emails and much more. Our members’ parents have said they prefer the new system and I’m already seeing a significant saving in time. It’s taking the admin away from our meeting nights, meaning it’s one less thing to worry about on a BB night.
Joe, 11th Northampton
OBM has really made communicating with parents far more effective. Having parents respond with a Yes or No via OBM is far more reliable than asking the boys on a meeting night. The reminder email function is particularly useful and saves staff having to chase parents too.
Andrew, 1st Tewkesbury
I have found the OBM platform to be invaluable when organising events, with immediate access to who is attending, who hasn’t responded, and who has made payment. The Parent Portal allows parents to view the terms events ahead of time and we can easily send an email or text the entire Company, specific sections or individuals. Any records updated can be viewed by a leader with access, avoiding phone calls, lists being passed around, and saving our most precious commodity - time.
Amanda, 4th Barnet