Finally, I no longer have cheques and cash turning up on a Wednesday night. Our subs "compliance" has gone up to 100%. In the past we were losing around 20% of subs through not having sufficiently accurate records to know who had/hadn't paid. At the start of meetings I now have time to talk to parents and prepare for the evening rather than trying to note down who is thrusting piles of notes at me and what they're for. Parents pay online, our treasurer logs in and consolidates, I spend, simple!

Dan Spencer, 66th Bath

We have only just started with online payments but within two weeks, all payments have been received and so we will be rolling it out to all our sections. It's fantastic, and many thanks for allowing us to focus on what us leaders really need to do!

Lynden Cable, 12th Airedale

How do Online Payments work?

  1. As a section, you sign up for an account on GoCardless.
  2. You tell Online Brigade Manager which members should be paying you on which dates. It then sends parents a customisable email.
  3. The parents click a link in the email which brings them to My.BB (a parents version of Online Brigade Manager) that shows them the payments being requested.
  4. Parents create a GoCardless account (this takes less than 30 seconds) and pay.

How much does it cost?

For GoCardless accounts created before December 2017: GoCardless takes 1%, and OBM takes 1.95%.

For GoCardless accounts created after December 2017: GoCardless takes 1% with a minimum of 15p, and OBM takes 1.95%.

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  • Protected by direct debit guarantee
  • Parents always kept informed
  • Integrates with Gift Aid system
  • 100% flexible
  • System can track cheques/cash
  • Integrates with events part of My.BB

Who handles the money?

"GoCardless" handles all the payments. GoCardless is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Small Payments Institute. Online Brigade Manager does not handle any money - it simply initiates payments from parents through GoCardless. Money is collected by GoCardless and sent straight to your bank account after six working days (minus the fees).

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