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My.BB revolutionises the way leaders communicate with parents by giving parents the tools to do some of the administration for the leaders.

This allows leaders to concentrate on building positive relationships with parents, letting My.BB automatically ask parents when their input is needed.

With My.BB, parents can:

  • Pay your group online
  • Sign their child up for events
  • See and edit their personal details
  • View the term's programme
  • See their child's badge progress

Is it easy?

Yes! Parents do not need to remember usernames and passwords - private secure links sent in emails take them straight to the relevant page that needs their action, which typically takes just one click. Parents can create an account if they wish though.

Leaders use Online Brigade Manager in the normal way - OBM deals with the communication to parents with customisable emails.

Online Payments

My.BB allows parents to pay for everything online, from subscriptions to capitation to camps and events.

The system automatically emails parents who can then pay for individual entries or subscribe to everything. It will then send periodic reminders asking the parents to pay if they haven't yet.

Everything is controlled through Online Brigade Manager and it is fully flexible to allow for any payment arrangements - and you can still track cheques and cash payments through this system.

  • Protected by direct debit guarantee
  • Parents always kept informed
  • Integrates with Gift Aid system
  • Flexible to meet all your needs


Setup your events in the usual manner inside OBM, and then instead of going through the hassle of asking everyone if they're attending, press a button and the event will appear in My.BB and the parents will receive a customised email.

Parents can then sign up for the event, answer any questions (e.g. requests for help) and they can even then pay online!

You can set up automated reminders to prompt the parents into giving you the information you need.

  • Takes one click for parents to sign up
  • Parents can change minds up to a deadline
  • Get extra info (e.g. can parents help)
  • Integrated with the payment system
  • Automatic reminders

Personal Details

Parents can see and edit their contact details, and any other details leaders need.

  • Leaders can pick which details are visible or editable
  • Leaders receive email summaries of changes made by parents
  • Extra information can be collected (dietary requirements, allergies etc)


Parents see your programme, including any notes that you make available for them.

  • "Are we meeting in the usual place?"
  • "Are we wearing uniform?"
  • "Do I need to bring a penknife?"


Let the parents know how their children are progressing through the badges - either simply showing which badges the child has, or what proportion of each badge has been completed.

The badge page can be shared with friends & family.

What do parents see?

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